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Effortless flexible Event Marketing

Swoogo lets you put your brand front and center and gives you the marketing tools that help you drive leads and collect the most relevant data. 

Feature heavy, back end responsive, mobile first event marketing software solution designed to help you get more butts where they belong; in your seats. 

Responsive, scalable, simple to learn - Swoogo is shaking up how reg happens. Pay one annual fee no matter how many events/registrations you have.

Lead the way with Swoogo.


Swoogo Mockup


Engage Your Audience On Site & Share Content

Share presentation slides to audience devices in real-time and use polling and Q&A to make your events interactive.

Improve your participants' experiences and get useful, digestible analytics to get the insights your team loves.

Bring your sessions to life with easy, web-based Q&A and presenter can use and Live Polls,
Twitter Walls & Word Clouds*
(integrated with Power Point)

Engage your audience with Glisser.


You're in Great company

“The look and flow is new, clean, sleek and easy for the end user. The backend looked intuitive and easy to learn.“

Lynn Lewis-Bjostad, CMP
Meetings By Premier

“The people in my team love Swoogo, because of the high flexibility and the user-friendly backend. “

Jonas Dinger, Event Manager
Schneider Electric